Outpatient Clinics
We are proud to provide the public with four outpatient clinic offices in Franklin and Tensas parishes (Winnsboro, St. Joseph, Newellton and Crowville). Our highly-trained physicians and nurse practitioners are capable of diagnosing and treating your family’s primary care needs, ranging from basic office visits to foot care treatments for diabetic patients.

Clinic Hours:
8:30am - 5:00pm
Monday - Friday
Winnsboro Rural Health Clinc
2104 Loop Road Suite C
Winnsboro, LA 71295
(318) 435-4571
Crowville Rural Heath Clinic
5745 Highway 17
Winnsboro, LA 71295
(318) 722-3333

Newellton Rural Health Clinc
104 Verona Street
Newellton, LA 71357
(318) 467-9949
St. Joseph Rural Heath Clinic
448 Newton Street
St. Joseph, LA 71366
(318) 766-8506

Medical directors: Dr. Jeff Combetta, Dr. Joel Eldridge, and Dr. Tom Colvin

Diabetic Foot Care
The various foot problems faced by diabetics are often overlooked. For example, many diabetics are afflicted with peripheral neuropathy, a condition that causes sharp pains to the patient’s foot.

Enhanced blood sugar can harm both nerves and blood vessels. This can restrict the blood flow to the feet, which can reduce the ability of wounds to heal, creating painful ulcers and sores. Ensuing nerve damage can lead to foot numbness. Any patient wounds can become even worse, since the diabetic might not be able to feel when their feet are injured. Left untreated, these wounds can become infected, possibly resulting in amputation. Amputation of lower extremities is ten times higher in patients suffering from diabetes.

Franklin Medical Center allows diabetics to protect themselves from these dangerous effects. The Winnsboro and Newellton Health Clinics offer the best in diabetic foot treatments under the care of Nurse Practitioners Emi Yelverton and Belinda Morgan. Schedule your appointment today by calling 318-435-4571 for Winnsboro or 318-467-9949 in Newellton.

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