Job: CNA PRN – Med-Surg/In-Patient Rehab

Title CNA PRN – Med-Surg/In-Patient Rehab
Date Posted 2019-01-31
Start Date 2019-01-31
Location Med Surg/In-Patient Rehab
Job Information



DEPARTMENT:                    Med-Surg/In-Patient Rehab


FLSA STATUS:                      NON-EXEMPT


JOB SUMMARY:                  Continuously responsible for assisting professional nursing personnel in providing patient care and is directly responsible for providing specified services for patients under direction and supervision of their supervisor.



  1. Understands the rules and regulations of Franklin Medical Center. Maintains good working relationships. Complies with established policies and procedures.  Cooperates with all departments to achieve goals.  Keeps all information confidential.  Maintains patient privacy.  Acts in a professional manner.  Follows dress code.
  1. Maintains a good attendance record and a current health record. Always notifies Nursing Service if ill or cannot report to work. Knows repeated absenteeism is reason for dismissal. Gets annual physical done on anniversary date of hire.
  2. Keeps up-to-date in field of CNA. Attends in-service (includes fire and safety), monthly staff meetings, seminars when possible.
  3. Understands chain of command. Brings problems, questions, and ideas to charge nurse or supervisor. Understands who they are responsible to and assist nurses with patient care.
  4. Assists with admission, discharge, and transfer of patients. Receives patients, introduces themself and is courteous. Provides comfort and safety. Collects data for the admission.  Takes vital signs, explains call system. Gathers belongings for discharge, takes patient to waiting vehicle. When transferring a patient, uses all safety measures. Checks with charge nurse for special instructions.
  5. Patient’s personal care. Gives A.M. and P.M. care—shampoo, oral hygiene, and shaves male patients when needed. Assists with meals, passes water and nourishments, feeds patients. Ambulates patients, gives exercises, massages.       Keeps room and bedside table clean and orderly.
  6. Collects specimens. Sputum, stool, urine, vomitus for exam by lab, physician, charge nurse and labels correctly including time.
  7. Monitors patient’s condition. Checks assigned patients frequently for color and condition of skin changes, symptoms, attitudes, and appetite. Record observations, alerts. Charge Nurse to significant observations.
  8. Keeps Intake and Output: takes vital signs. Must be able to perform a manual blood pressure.  Measures and records with 100% accuracy.
  9. Runs errands for patients and staff. As requested by nurse.
  10. Gives simple treatments under direction of nurse.       Shows consideration to patient.       Uses proper technique. Does sterile procedures only with special training. Gives enemas, catheter care. Weighs and measures patients and records on Nursing History.
  11. Knowledgeable about assigned patients. Hears report, receives assignments. Discusses care with charge nurse. Gives input to NCP.
  12. Care of service area. Assists with cleaning Clean and Dirty utility rooms and kitchen. Keeps furniture out of halls. Takes pride in neatness and orderliness of unit.
  13. Maintain equipment. Checks equipment for malfunction and reports needed repairs to Charge Nurse. Performs cleaning duties as necessary.
  14. Completes assignments. Organizes work. Assembles equipment; works at a steady pace in order to finish work on time. Rarely receives a personal phone call. Clocks in and out on time.
  15. Performs other related non-professional nursing duties. Rotates to other areas when requested by Charge Nurse/Supervisor.



Education and Training:       Completion of course for nursing assistants.  CPR Certified.


Work Experience:     Desirable, but not essential.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required:    Need to be able to read and understand printed material.  Have ability to express thoughts and ideas in writing. Must be able to perform manual blood pressures.


Physical Requirements: Lift weights over 25 lbs. e.g. lifting and moving or helping to lift patients of awkward weights, moving and carrying equipment. Repeated bending, stooping, squatting, and occasional pushing and pulling movements. Prolonged walking and standing.  Frequent interruptions.  Visual and hearing acuity as well as cognitive function to make observations and communicate these to other staff.


OSHA EXPOSURE CATEGORY: A      Has exposure to blood borne pathogens.

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