Job: Respiratory Therapist- PRN

Title Respiratory Therapist- PRN
Date Posted 2021-09-01
Job Information



  1. Meets with technicians concerning directors supplies, equipment, standards and activities, patient regulations.  Keep Director informed of departmental status, needs and problems.  Complies with established policies and procedures.  Uses approved techniques and implements infection control.
  2. Coordinates technicians workflow.  Scheduling of treatments.  Maintenance of equipment and supplies necessary for technicians.  Assigns duties.  Checks patient’s charts for complete and correct doctors orders.
  3. Performs all duties of technicians.  Administer respiratory therapy treatments.  Oxygen therapy.  Pulmonary functions.  Arterial blood gases.  Maintains mechanical.  Participates as a member of code blue and code 99 team.  Performs call back duties.  Performs EKG’s.




Education and Training:      High school graduate or GED.  Graduate from an AMA                              approved course in Respiratory Therapy and either certified as a Respiratory Tech              by the (NBRC) or be certified eligible and be licensed by the State of Louisiana                           Board of Medical Examiners with a 60-day permit or 18 month temporary permit                                or a permanent license.


            Work Experience:     No experience necessary.


            Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required: Must have acceptable computer                                  skills.  Must be certified in CPR.


            Physical Requirements:        Personnel applying for or being hired will be required to lift                         an average of 75 pounds, read, write, communicate, hear, walk and climb stairs.

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