Job: RN-Emergency Room Full-Time Night Shift

Title RN-Emergency Room Full-Time Night Shift
Date Posted 2018-06-26
Job Information


JOB SUMMARY: Is continuously responsible for providing professional nursing service (according to qualifications and training) and non-professional services as directed; is directly responsible for performing patient care functions according to established standards, policies, and procedures.


  1. Understands rules, regulations of Franklin Medical Center.       Maintains good working relationships. Complies with established policies and procedures. Cooperates with all departments to achieve goals. Keeps all information confidential.       Maintains patient privacy.       Acts in a professional manner.       Follows dress code.
  2. Maintains a good attendance record and current health record. Always notifies Nursing Service if ill and cannot report to work. Knows repeated absenteeism is reason for dismissal. Gets annual physical done on anniversary hire date.
  3. Keeps up-to-date in field of Nursing. Attends in-service (including fire and safety), monthly staff meetings, seminars when possible. Have CPR update. Current Licensure.
  4. Acts as Charge Nurse. Receives reports, counts narcotics, checks crash cart, and defibrillator. Checks ER records from previous day. Logs patient admissions, fills out forms, and assures all signatures.       Checks supplies and restocks 100% of time.
  5. Cares for ER patients. Receives patients, take pertinent history, makes nursing assessment, notifies family physician or ER physician, and relates symptoms.       Provides emotional support, explains procedures. Assist physician. Provides necessary equipment. Instructs patients.
  6. Administers medications, including IV medications and performs treatments. Gives medications and treatments according to established policies and procedures using aseptic, isolation or sterile technique. Is certified for IV therapy.
  7. Writes charges; discharges patients with instructions and/or prescriptions.
  8. Monitors patients. Observes color of skin, notes trauma, bleeding, describes; takes vital signs, notes significant symptoms. Notifies physician.
  9. Initiates Emergency care- Give first aid. Is certified to start IVs, administer CPR, defibrillate, and institute other emergency measures.
  10. Assist Director of Nursing with improving patient care in Emergency Room and with orientation of new employees. Meets with Director of Nursing frequently.       Reports problems, makes suggestions for solving problems. Take pride in having a good department.
  11. Maintains equipment. Checks equipment for malfunctions and report to supervisor.       Performs cleaning duties as necessary.


Education and Training:  Graduate of an approved course for RN.  License CPR update. ACLS certified. PALS certified.  Pediatric trauma.

Work Experience:      Experience desirable but not essential

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