Job: RN-ICU Full-Time Night Shift

Title RN-ICU Full-Time Night Shift
Date Posted 2021-08-09
Job Information

Under direction and supervision of Head Nurse, Director of Nurses, or Assistant Director, is continuously responsible for total patient care within assigned nursing unit or floor; is directly responsible for performing all professional patient care functions and carry out administrative responsibilities as delegated by Head Nurse, Director of Nurses, or Assistant Director.


  1. Understands rules and regulations of Franklin Medical Center. Maintain good working relationships.  Complies with established policies and procedures.  Cooperate with all departments to achieve goals.  Keeps all information confidential.  Maintains patient privacy.  Acts in a professional manner.  Follows dress code.
  2. Maintains a good attendance record and keeps a current health record. Always notifies Nursing Service if ill or cannot report for work.  Knows repeated absenteeism is reason for dismissal.  Gets annual physical done on anniversary date of hire.
  3. Keeps up-to-date in field of Nursing. Attends in-service (including fire and safety), monthly staff meetings, seminars when possible.  Have CPR update.  Current licensure.
  4. Participates in planning, implementation, and evaluation of patient care and in management of unit. Meets with supervisor, Director of Nursing or Assistant Director to discuss unit problems, staffing, assignments, and improvement of patient care.
  5. Acts as Charge Nurse. Under direction of Supervisor.  Understands the principles of ward management and is able to assume responsibilities for same.  Makes rounds, transcribes orders, and reports unusual happenings and problems from other departments to the Director of Nurses.
  6. Makes assignments. Is fair.  Makes assignments according to skill and qualifications of personnel.
  7. Assesses each patient’s needs and plans their care. All patients must be assessed by an ICU RN on admission with Nursing History completed.  Nursing Care Plan is started at this time.
  8. Patient teaching. Instruct patients and family as appropriate with permission of physician using established guidelines.
  9. Discharge planning. After assessment, the nurse will start discharge plans.  Is knowledgeable about source of help.  Notifies Social Service department for help if necessary.
  10. Discharge Summary. Discharge Summary must be completed 100% of the time.
  11. Administers medications and treatments as prescribed with minimal error. Checks medications/treatment cards with Kardex/chart.  Utilizes 5 R’s.  Records medication/treatments on chart using proper procedure.  Writes legibly.  Is familiar with actions of drugs administered.  Counts and charts narcotics each shift 100% of the time.  Reports errors promptly.  Questions inconsistencies.  Applies proper technique (aseptic, isolation, sterile).
  12. Physician rounds. Physician must always be accompanied by a nurse unless he/she requests otherwise.  Assists with dressings and treatments.  Ascertains physician’s expectations.  Shares information.
  13. Patient Personal Care. Is able and willing to administer total patient care.
  14. Care of Pre-op and Post-op patient. Sees that all necessary forms are completed and signed.  Lends emotional support to patient and family.  Administers pre-op medications and gets patient ready for surgery.  On post-op returns – monitors patient closely for signs and symptoms of complications.
  15. Maintaining update for categorization of patients. Understands procedures for categorization of patients and update each shift.
  16. Helps to develop other staff members. Shares knowledge/skills with others.  Orientates new employees, aides and co-workers in completing their work.


Education and Training: Graduate of an accredited school of Nursing registered and licensed to practice in the State of Louisiana. CPR updated. ACLS and PALS updated.

Work Experience: Experience desirable but not essential.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required: Ability to tolerate high levels

of stress. Ability to get along with fellow employees on basis of fair and impartial treatment.

Physical Requirements: Lifting weights over 25 lbs. e.g.; moving, assisting, and/or helping lift patients of diverse weights; carrying or moving equipment.  Repeated bending, squatting, or stooping.  Prolonged walking and standing.  Pushing and pulling movements.

OSHA EXPOSURE CATEGORY A:            Has exposure to blood borne pathogens.

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