Dr. David GutierrezDr. David Gutierrez

Prior to pursuing a career in Medicine and surgery Dr. Gutierrez served 4 years in our nations Navy as an Avionics technician aboard the Aircraft Carrier, USS Saratoga. He served a tour on board the Sara during the First Gulf War in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Dr. Gutierrez loves aviation and this is part of the reason that he volunteered to serve in the US Navy, so that he could work with our nation’s most sophisticated Jets. Dr. Gutierrez always dreamed of being a Navy Pilot, but that dream was never realized because of not having perfect vision. However, he has become an avid private pilot. He has once again volunteered to serve, this time serving his local community of Winnsboro as a volunteer pilot for Pilot For Patients, LLC. A local not for profit organization that flies medically stable patients to higher centers of medical care that are not locally available. The service is completely free to needy patient’s that require care that is not available locally. Dr. Gutierrez is very excited to be part of this well recognized organization.

Dr. Gutierrez is a native of Florida where he pursued his undergraduate degree with a Major in Biology and minor in chemistry at the University of Miami, home of the Miami Hurricanes. He then went on to medical school at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-New Jersey Medical School in Newark, NJ (now known as Rutgers New Jersey Medical School). Once he graduated from Medical school Dr. Gutierrez underwent his surgical residency training at the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL where he went on to become Chief Resident in Surgery in his last year. Following his education and training, Dr. Gutierrez initially started his own independent surgical practice and did this for 3 years where he then received an offer to join another surgeon in Northwest Minnesota where he practiced for nearly 5 years. After this Dr. Gutierrez and his family felt like the harsh winters weren’t for them so they made the decision to return to the south where he took the position that was available here in Winnsboro at Franklin Medical Center. Dr. Gutierrez and his family are very excited to be part of the Winnsboro community and BACK IN THE SOUTH!

Dr. Gutierrez is an Advanced Larparoscopic surgeon who has the skills necessary to do many previously open surgeries through little holes instead of the more traditional large open abdominal incisions. This type of surgery makes post operative discomfort and recovery much less and also decreases post operative wound complications significantly. People return to work much sooner and can return to their normal lives in a relatively shorter period of time. Of particular interest to Dr. Gutierrez is treating Gastroesophageal reflux and actually curing the disease. This is a problem that plagues upwards of 40% of the US population and can even predispose the patient who suffers from this disease to the development of adenocarcinoma of the esophagus, a disastrous life threatening cancer of the esophagus that is exclusively attributable to reflux and is not prevented with the use of antacid medications. Dr. Gutierrez is passionate about this disease process and is qualified in the latest endoscopic and surgical techniques to eradicate and prevent this disease from becoming life threatening. Dr. Gutierrez is excited about bringing this service to the deserving community of northeast Louisiana here in Winnsboro at Franklin Medical Center.