New Clinic in Crowville

After almost three years of delay, construction began this week on the new Crowville Health Center. Built primarily with state appropriations secured through the efforts of Representative Noble Ellington, the Health Center will provide a new access point for health care in northern Franklin Parish. With Adkins Construction garnering the winning bid, the clinic will be almost 3,500 square feet and available to all patients whether Medicare, Medicaid, or those with commercial insurance.

Crowville Clinic

(from left to right) Alan Adkins of Adkins Construction, Board Chairman Paul Price, Jr., Board Vice-Chairman Michael Wright, Police Jury President Rickey Campbell, Police Juror Troy Hendry, Police Juror “Rawhide” Robinson, Board Member Dan Warner, Board Member Nick Poulos, Board Member Dr. Jan Hicks, Hospital Administrator Blake Kramer, Hospital Operations Officer Mark Spence, Parish Superintendent Greg Humphries, and architect Tommy Womble

Franklin Parish Police Jurors and members of the Franklin Medical Center Board of Commissioners were available for the ground-breaking ceremony.