New digital mammography brings “amazing clarity” for women at FMC

Women deserve the highest quality images from their mammograms. Now they can receive that quality right here at home.

Digital mammography is the latest tool in Franklin Medical Center’s fight against breast cancer. This front line technology creates superior, high quality images of the breast, thus increasing the physician’s ability to detect cancer and other abnormalities. Organizations like The American Cancer Society recommend that women schedule annual mammograms, beginning at age 40. The society argues that early detection of cancer by way of mammography leads to earlier treatment as well as more varied treatment options.

Mrs. Lena R. Price, a breast cancer survivor was the first patient to receive a mammogram. Mrs. Price was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999. Her daughter, Pam Price McWilliams, who was a teacher in the parish school system, died of complications from breast cancer in 1988 after being diagnosed three years prior. Mrs. Price has faithfully received mammograms and had to travel outside Franklin parish to have them performed. When she heard the good news that Franklin Medical Center was installing state of the art mammography equipment , she said “I want to be the first in line”…. and she was.

Many breast cancer survivor stories began with, “I went in for a routine mammogram.” Our hope here at Franklin Medical Center is that some day they will find a cure for this disease. Until then, our motto is, “Early detection saves lives.” Our commitment to this community is to treat and prevent. As advancements in technology move forward, so shall we.

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Digital mammograph

Digital mammograph