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Billing & Charges

Franklin Medical Center is committed to helping you understand and prepare for potential out-of-pocket costs related to medical services you or family member may receive at our hospital, and we have resources available to assist you. Please contact the hospital at 318-412-5290 or 318-412-5412 to discuss your specific care needs and the potential associated costs. If you are insured, you also should contact your insurer to understand their coverage of services, and the portion that you will owe under your specific plan.


As required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), FMC has provided a complete list of charges for services and items provided by our facility. Please note that the amounts listed do not necessarily reflect your actual financial responsibility. Think of them as “list price” before getting a discount.


The amount actually collected by FMC can be less than the amount on this list for a number of reasons, including discounts negotiated with third party payers like Medicare, Medicaid and insurance companies, as well as discounts based on financial need per the FMC Financial Assistance Policy. We recommend that patients contact their insurer or FMC Financial Counselors at 318-412-5290 or 318-412-5412 to discuss your individual situation and determine the potential out-of-pocket costs of care.


This discussion with your insurer or the hospital is an important step because many factors affect an individual’s financial responsibility for the cost of hospital care, including:

  • If an individual has insurance, the patient responsibility factors (deductible, co-pay, coinsurance, etc.) contained in that specific plan;
  • Whether uninsured individual qualifies for additional financial assistance from FMC;
  • Factors specific to each patient’s care and needs, such as: length of stay in the hospital, specific items needed for care, additional testing required or recommended by your provider, and any unexpected complications.


The list of charges list can be viewed here.

Download Charge Listing