Radiology Procedures

Some patients require a unique combination of both high tech imaging and physician training for diagnosis or treatment. Dr. Lee Abraham is available in our community to provide a variety of radiology-based procedures for the benefit and convenience of our patients. These procedures include:


  • Barium Enema/Air
  • Upper GI series
  • Upper GI series w/small bowel follow through
  • Small bowel follow through
  • Esophogram/Barium swallow
  • Fistulogram
  • Cystogram
  • Lumbar Puncture/Myelogram
  • Arthrogram

CT Guided

  • Percutaneous Liver biopsy
  • Percutaneous Lung biopsy
  • Percutaneous soft tissue/bone biopsy
  • Abscess/Fluid Collection drainage

Ultrasound Guided

  • FNA thyroid/lymph node/soft tissue
  • Cyst aspiration
  • Core biopsy of breast/soft tissues
  • Needle localization for breast biopsy
  • Thoracentesis/Paracentesis

3D Mammography

  • Needle localization for breast biopsy

Nuclear Medicine

  • Sentinel Node Injection
  • Thyroid Ablation


  • Arthrogram of Shoulder/Hip