We appreciate your interest in joining the Franklin Medical Center (FMC) team of healthcare professionals! Prior to completing an application, we would like you to take a few minutes to review the following information concerning our vision, mission statement, and performance expectations. We believe the successful understanding and personal accomplishment in these areas is critical for your success at FMC.

Our vision is to improve the health of the Citizens of Franklin Parish and our surrounding communities by providing personalized healthcare with a commitment to excellence.

MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to provide the highest quality health care and customer satisfaction to all those we serve. We are committed to delivering compassionate, capable, and personalized treatment to our patients and their families, always keeping in mind that our responsibility is to the health care needs of the people.

PERFORMANCE EXPECTATIONS: FMC is a values’ driven hospital. All staff members of FMC are expected to successfully meet the following non-negotiable Standards of Performance which will be used to measure overall work performance:

1. Service Excellence – Making a difference. Our expectation is for every staff member to provide excellent customer service. Everyone we come in contact with is considered to be a customer. In order to exceed our customer’s needs and expectations, you will be expected to:
o Possess excellent customer service skills;
o Be professional and convey a sense of pride;
o Acknowledge a customer’s presence immediately and greet every customer in a warm, courteous & friendly manner;
o Demonstrate proper telephone etiquette by stating your name and department when placing or receiving calls;
o Provide individualized service by greeting every customer by name;
o Be timely and attentive; update customers on wait times, delays and issues;
o Maintain customer confidentiality;
o Escort customers to their destination when possible in lieu of directions;
o Always thank customers for choosing FMC;
o Ask customers “Is there anything else I can do for you today?”;
o Create customer loyalty by exceeding the needs and expectations of all our customers
2. Giving Back – We want to give back to our patients, our community, and most importantly, to each other. We are a culture of helping others in everything we do and say and in order to assist in this value, you will be expected to:
o Demonstrate genuine compassion in your daily interactions with all customers;
o Be a leader in continuous improvement in our hospital by participating as a team player;
o Continually and confidently demonstrate your technical knowledge and skills;
o Communicate effectively and professionally with others in order to meet our customers’ needs;
o Be willing to volunteer for hospital sponsored community events and support other community events;
o Be innovative and fiscally responsible by looking for ways to cut costs and increase revenues;
o Willingly offer assistance to any staff member whenever you see they need help
3. Doing the Next Right Thing – Always look to do the next right thing automatically. Each staff member is expected to exhibit pride in their work and the service we provide and to anticipate and surpass the needs and expectations of all our customers. You will be expected to:
o Be passionate regarding your work in healthcare;
o Show good judgment in your j ob performance;
o Remain flexible, open and adaptable to change;
o Realize regardless of your title, you have an impact and ownership on patient care;
o Be committed to continuously improving the quality of work at the lowest possible cost;
o Be open and eager to learn new skills and grow in your current abilities;
o Strive daily to improve our processes by solving problems together with a creative attitude;
o Communicate and behave in an open, honest, and trustful manner;
o Be personally responsible for presenting a neat and clean appearance and dress appropriately according to hospital standards;
o Possess and promote a positive “can-do” attitude
4. Taking Care of Our People – We are a warm, family-friendly environment which honors people first by promoting a work/life balance. In order to promote our environment, you will be expected to:
o Appreciate and respect the personal family values each staff member possesses;
o Appreciate and learn from individuals with other cultural beliefs and backgrounds;
o Treat every staff member within our hospital with respect;
o Demonstrate pride in ourselves through our actions, appearance and demeanor;
o Be prompt for every shift and responsible for working assigned shifts;
o Continuously find ways to enhance your skills to maintain excellent job skills;
o Take the initiative for your own personal growth, learning and development through continuing education and/or special training;
o Be personally accountable for trying new tasks as opportunities arise;
o Ask for training if you are unfamiliar with a task or process

If you are still interested in becoming a staff member of FMC, please acknowledge such by signing below and continue in completing our employment application. Thank you!